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A important reoccurring theme throughout many of the Aethyrs is the allusion of Babalon and the Beast. Babalon is a beautiful naked young girl who is riding upon a beast, which is often described as a bull or bull-like. It is here in the 16th Aethyr, LEA, where the theme is developed fully.

In Enochian, the word BABALON means "wicked" and the word BABALOND means "harlot." Enochian Gemantria equates BABALON with TOANTA through the number 110. The word TOANTA means "lust." This symbolism is ideal for an earthly sexual description of the Aethyr (a seductive almost wicked environment). To help facilitate this atmosphere there is a strong feminine and masculine current in LOA.

The environment in LEA is one of change. Change from what you were to what you will become. The guide here is called "King of the old Aeon". A Aeon is a time period of approximately 2000 years, but the important thing to note here is that a change is coming soon. The Guide appoints his replacement and adds that his replacement is superior to himself. The Guide also refers to his replacement as the Beast, which is you as you enter consciously into LEA.

Through the Aethyr system (and life) you are forever progressing spiritually to the next level. You subconsciously know that you are changing, but the exact direction of that change is not yet known. Because of this unknown and often unruly nature of the new you, it is called a beast. Let's face it! You have not yet learned how to control your new powers or wisdoms. The symbolism of Babalon and the Beast distills down to your own unruly and unpredictable consciousness being seduced by the energies in the Aethyrs.

The feminine current in LEA is one of fascination. The environment is seen as especially alluring, which may or may not be played out in a sexual context. Babalon may not appear as a beautiful harlot to you; but whatever your personal experience in LEA, you will feel the seductive beauty of the environment around you and the unruliness of your own consciousness as it begins its change into a higher dimension of awareness. The "lust" that is in LEA is the powerful attractive force between what you are and what you will become, which finds its ultimate fulfillment in the first Aethyr, LIL.

The important thing to note from your experience here in LEA is that you are changing. Also accompanied with that change is the unpredictability of your consciousness till it adjusts to the new energies and experiences that are becoming a part of you. So be a bit patient with yourself and while you do that pat yourself on the back for coming this far.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie