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The 14th Aethyr VTA contains the City of the Pyramids. It is a Aethyr of semblances. The term semblances is quite appropriate because all of the residents of this Aethyr look very much alike and all share in the overall atmosphere of the Aethyr. VTA is located in a region near the Tree of Life spheres Geburah and Daath.

When you first enter this Aethyr you will be engulfed in darkness; however after a time, your eyes will adjust. You will soon notice the feeling of solemnity and a stern thoughtfulness that pervades every inch of VTA. There is also a strong feeling of death here that turns back most who try to enter. You must neither ignore this feeling nor flee from it, but face this atmosphere with a strong resolve and keep focused on your task: to learn what this Aethyr has to teach you and complete the initiation here. To completely enter this Aethyr, you must accept the atmosphere and deal with it.

The darkness of VTA comes partially from the Sephira Daath, which lends a hand in the energy here. It is also from the lack of creativity or life (in a human sense). This is because the residents here have no desire for light, illumination, spirit, or creativity of any kind. As you gain experience in VTA, you will meet with its inhabitants. They all look much alike and are totally devoid of emotions and feelings. They have severed desires of every kind. They are detached from their surroundings and from themselves. They are embodiments of the masculine current and are totally lacking the feminine current. For this reason, the masculine current is quite strong in VTA, while the feminine current is too weak to even be noticed.

The residents are described as being shaped like pyramids of dust. This description is figurative. Pyramids were used as both places of initiation and as tombs by the ancient Egyptians. In the same way, you can think of your body as either a Temple of the Spirit (an initiatory chamber) or as a prison (a tomb). The former view is held by the residents of VTA. The symbolism of dust emphasizes their lack of life (no water element to hold them together into form or shape). It is called a city because of the vast numbers of residents, all quietly sharing the same detachment and unconcern, all packed together in close proximity, all going about their menial tasks, vaguely unaware of each other even though they bump into each other quite often.

The Guide here is the god Hermes who describes these residents as: "Those whose eyes are sealed up, and whose ears are stopped, and whose mouths are clenched, who are folded in upon themselves, the liquid of whose bodies is dried up, so that nothing remains but a little pyramid of dust."

This Aethyr holds the fate of those who have detached themselves from their humanity. Study the lesson here well and make sure you are not caught up in VTA's alluring but insensitive approach to life, for if you are, it is very likely your spirit is trapped here as well.

The keeper of this city is called the "Lord of the City of Pyramids" He is also reduced to a "pyramid of dust" but he shed his blood into the Cup of Babalon (LOA) and thus shares in both the masculine and feminine currents and is free to move out of VTA. One of your magical tasks is to earn the title of the Lord of the City of the Pyramids, thus temporarily then permanently freeing yourself from the forces of VTA. You do this by not getting caught up in any of the activities that are going on in this Aethyr and by following instead your own inner guide toward your goal of freeing yourself from the glamor of self illusion, self pity, self absorption. Follow that inner guide and find the inner chamber of the Lord of the City of Pyramids. Once there you will meet him, and he will give you a key or some kind of gift. By accepting his gift you become the Lord of the City yourself and thus can now move past VTA and its traps. You become permanently free of VTA and restore the liquid to your spirit once you visit the Aethyr LOA and recognize yourself as Lord of the City of Pyramids and experience the initiation in LOA.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie