Aethyr ZEN, The Vault

a pathworking quest location

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ZEN [pronounced as the word zen] is a level of reality where you have very little control. When you enter ZEN, you will be placed into some kind of situation or adventure. The adventure will steer its own way. Many times the adventures here in ZEN will end with you dying (metaphorically). The message in ZEN is how you handle the unexpected: how do you face life and how you face death. It does not mean that what you create is predetermined. But what it does show is how you react to situations where the outcome is uncertain.

ZEN can help you answer certain questions like: what is sacrifice and what is service? How do you accomplish the things that you accomplish? Along the way do you give anything up or do you only do things because you gain from them? ZEN is not a selfish meter. It is a test of character. How do you react in certain situations, situations that are not normal to you. You can explore these situations and perhaps in the process find out what sits at your core being. Are you a savior or a criminal? Do you only engage in things because there is a certain return from them or when the outcome is certain? What happens when things go very wrong and you get an outcome that you did not expect? How do you feel afterward?

In ZEN these twilight areas of your personality can be fully explored safely. Your physical life is not at risk, although it may seem like it is while you're within the adventure. ZEN presents a way for you to explore the fringes of your personality in perfect safety.

About this Picture: An impenetrable vault is shown leading into ZEN, a reality that can become anything due to its holographic nature. Once inside, you are locked in until the pre-programmed adventure has finished. Your physical status is safe and secure in ZEN, but you can not leave until the vault is unlocked and the door opens.