daughter of babylon

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The 9th Aethyr, ZIP, is divided into three regions. The lowest of these regions lies on the outer edge of the Abyss. In this most southerly region of ZIP, formlessness and form transpose. What is formless takes on form and what had form loses it. In other words, all the Aethyrs below ZAX will seem dream-like and lack substance, from this perspective. This dream-like feeling, however, will not be fully realized until you enter the mid-region of this Aethyr, where the transposition is complete. The feelings in the mid and upper regions of ZIP are one of bliss, joy, and peace. You have crossed the Abyss and now a rest and reward is in order.

In the uppermost region of ZIP, you are fully out of the Abyss. It is here that you can meet with the Daughter of Babalon. She is a bodiless form of wonder and splendor, and you can meld with her, if you wish, in joy and ecstasy. This melding is but a glimpse of the feeling of love and pleasure that awaits you in the higher Aethyrs. This melding is how formless knowledge transfers from one being to the next, and she is here to initiate you into this system of learning and evolution. By sharing and becoming one with another individual, in this Aethyr and the Aethyrs above, you become these divine beings, partaking in their energies, knowledge, and wisdom. The knowledge gained from such a union becomes a permanent part of your aura, even after the meld finishes. You are no longer the same person after such an encounter. You are advised to take advantage of this act whenever it is offered to you. It can greatly accelerate your growth upward through the remaining Aethyrs.

* additional source material: "Enochian Magick" by Gerald J. Schueler, "The Golden Dawn" by Israel Regardie