Spiritual Chakra opening timeframe.

Hermes' Blog: November 15, 2008

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Let's now talk about some spiritual stuff. The spiritual chakra articles are very popular on the website. As such I get lots of comments on them. I have received some comments about the length of time it can take for the spiritual chakra to fully open up, as stated in my article on it in the Eleventh Chakra. Below is the bit as it appears in the article:

...Typically, it can take any number of years for the spiritual chakra to completely open up. The Eleventh and the Twelfth chakra do by far take the longest time to fully blossom. It can take one to seven years for the chakra 8 to 10 to open and another additional one to five years for the Eleventh chakra to open. The Twelfth chakra is the last chakra to open, and it will not start opening until the Eleventh is well on its way. How long these chakra actually take to open really depends on the individual and the rate at which that individual is evolving. ...

Let me say that this timeframe is just an approximation of how long it "could" take. It does not mean your chakra will take this timeframe to open. It just means that by experience I have found that the spiritual chakra do take time to come to a fully functional state. In my own case, my spiritual chakra started opening 24 years ago. Only in the last 5 years has my 12th chakra opened to what I can call a fully functional state. The spiritual chakra 8 to 10 opened within the first 5 years of that period and number 11 took a bit longer than that. I do not want to limit or impose any kind of framework on the individual. But I do not want to sugar coat the spiritualization process. You are a physical creature evolving in a spiritual system and that system uses time to forge knowledge into wisdom. Some things have to happen before other things, and usually it takes time for that to occur. If your spiritual chakra open fully in a few years, well that is just terrific. If not, that is okay too. As you can see my own progress was not the speedy way and I think that is the more typical way. My reference to how long it takes for these charka to open is based on my own personal experience with myself and with my students over the years. I certainly have had exceptions to the rule along the way. Your spiritual journey is yours and it is unique. So anything is possible and certainly the spiritual chakra can open up fully within a very short period of time, if that is appropriate for you.

Light, Peace

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