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Hermes' Blog: June 3, 2021

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RC Radio: Black Hole Infinity.

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So, I am standing on the surface of a planet somewhere looking at a blackhole. To be honest, I do not think you can “see” a blackhole with human eyes. However, I am in my nonphysical light body. It has a range of vision that far exceeds the normal physical vision, not to mention telepathy and energy sensing.

My OBE abilities take me to often strange and unusual places that I enjoy visiting. It would be nice if my nonphysical camera would let me download pictures to physical reality, but it does not. I must do it the slow way, by grabbing the imaginary and then creating a picture.

Before I had the ability to draw (and let me tell you all that I could draw at one time was stick figures). I would have so many cool OBE experiences and not be able to share them in anyway. Not much you can do with a stick figure. But I asked spirit for a way for me to be able to capture what I saw in these places and bring the image to this reality. Spirit obliged by helping me to create the ability to draw pictures.

Of course, the modern computer with mouse and keyboard was my way to escape the limitations of hand and pen, but nonetheless, the skill is manifest.

So, I guess what I want to share with all of you is not only the experience here, but also the fact that anything you want to do or learn, spirit can help you achieve it. Just ask, then follow the path, and before long you will be there – standing at your blackhole and wondering just how magnificent the universe is!

About Picture
A blackhole can be seen in the sky from the surface of a planet (in the Orion star system). There are runes nearby that look like Stonehenge, hinting to an off worldly source for these strange obelisks, as they often appear on the Earth in various places. The color is muted because the blackhole gobbles up the light and concentrates it on itself. The absence of color adds to the quiet eerie feeling of standing so close to a celestial object we barely understand and for the most part must respect.

Light, Peace

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