Chat Interface
If you have problems with the chat applet try the dedicated one at Serenity.You will have to fill in the channel name "" where it says channel name. Press here to go to the Serenity Chat Interface Page!

Please enable javascript and popups!
The chat applet requires java

About workshop start times (TimeZones)
The Workshop start times have been a real complicated issue with all the timezones around the world. To make it easier on me, Workshop times will be stated in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight time (EDT). If you live somewhere else you will have to figure out what time that is in your local area. Wikipedia link on timezones

How to Use the Chat Interface:

In the nickname field enter a unique nickname up to 8 characters. Select your country, then press the 'enter' button.


You must grant permission when the applet permission window shows up. If you answer 'no' by mistake you will get a blank screen. To clear the 'no' from the browser memory, you must close all your browser windows. Then reopen your browser and go to the chat page. When the popup appears answer yes this time.

Using Chat!

Advanced Screen (manual connection):

If you need to there is an advance configuration screen where you can the server port and addresses manually (only recommneded for advanced users) Press the configuration button on the bottom of the chat screen (image above).

Chat Notes:

  • You are welcome to stop by the chat channel anytime. But do check the workshops page for the current workshop schedule, as that is the most active time for the channel.
  • When you get on the channel you may notice "Hermeslogger" Hermeslogger is not a person you can chat with. It is a program that logs the chat for later posting on the website.
  • Channel operator's names begin with a "@" symbol. On non-workshop times channel operators may be engaged in other tasks, so you may not get an answer right away. It is not that they are being impolite, rather these people have volunteered to monitor the channel as they go about their normal Internet tasks and, as such, are not focused on the channel at all times.

Troubleshooting / Chat Errors

Nothing hapens when you press the enter buttton:
Do you have a popup blocker installed on your machine? If so you will have to set it to allow popups for this site and or if that does not work try turning it off completely. You can turn it back on after the chat window loads.

Blank Screen:
If all you get is a blank screen and no pop-up permission window shows, then make sure you have Java enabled in your browser preferences. Also you need to be using the later versions of your browser. The chat applet works with all later versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netsape. Other browsers may work but have not been tested.

Java Script Error or blank screen!:
On some browsers, AOL and browsers older than IE 5 and Netscape 4.5, there is a java script bug. You will have to upgrade your browser in this case, or use irc software.

Trouble Connecting:

  • If you get the message "channel/nick" not available" press disconnect and try again in a few minutes. When a network split occurs the channel is locked till the split is gone.
  • Server can't be connected, try another country close to yours. If this problem persists try "other" in the bottom of the server list.

Unregistered Evaluation Message:
You have come through the website on the side. The Chat system works correctly only on the domain side. Disconnect from the chat. Then Press to reload the website. Go to the chat page and sign on again.

Let me know:
If you get any other problems please let me know via e-mail, or use the contact form, so that I can fix it and post the fix for others here in this help file. I want to make it as easy as possible for all of you to join in on the fun chats.





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