Workshop/Chat Info!

What is a Workshop?
Workshops are conducted using instant messenger style text chat but run in a group environment. They can range from simple question and answer sessions to hands on experiences and exercises. Workshops are fun and easy and anyone is invited to participate. Workshops start promptly at the workshop time (see main chat page) and run about an hour to an hour and a half. We hope to see you there.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC):
If you rather use your own chat software instead of the browser based software located above, here is the information you need:

IRC Network: Serenity

IRC Network Address:

IRC Channel:

Press here to got to the Serenity IRC Server Website

Who's Who on the Channel

Hermes (instructor)
Iris (instructor)
Electra (instructor)
Attuned (assistant)
Gamble (channel operator)
Jason (channel operator)
Hermeslogger (* text recorder)

* Hermeslogger is not a person you can chat with. It is a program who's sole job is to capture text for later posting as chat logs.

Workshop Log Files (missed a workshop, go here to read a transcript)

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