Q&A 21: Working with the Spiritual Chakra 8 to 12; Working with the OLAP Healers; Finding your spirituality; Celibacy and relationships while developing spiritually; The similarities and connections between the Tree of Life and the Aethyrs; the subtly changing past;
Some Questions and Answers

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I want to open my 8th chakra before trying to open chakras of other people, so I should repeat those two 8th chakra mantras while meditating, right? The web page didn't say anything about doing this to your own self, so I could have imagined all this.

Yes, first practice on yourself then you can apply the techniques to others. Also it gives you the opportunity to work with the OLAP without distractions to get a feel for them and their presence. The article was originally written for some healers and that is why it does not mention working on your own self. However starting with your own self is the best way to learn how to heal.

How can improve my other chakras? I mean 0 to 7. Or even all of the 12 at the same time.

The MPE or the WLE exercise is designed to bring balance and light to all the chakra at one time. Of course sometimes it may be necessary to work on the individual ones. When this is needed you can use sound, light, or the OLAP to facilitate this process.

About that OLAP experience, do you think I'm compatible with their energies? Do I have to call them again while meditating or do they make their compatibility-enhancement-visits automatically?

I find that most students that are sincere and desire the connection can and will connect with the OLAP. In a general sense the OLAP have to be invited to come in and heal you. However even after the healing is over you may find yourself being poked and healed for several hours to up to two days after the experience. After two days you have to call them in again and ask for their help. This is the way I have found it to work with the OLAP. They are very sensitive to the free will of humanity and its often changing position. So, with the OLAP, you have to ask on a regular basis otherwise it is assumed you no longer need the help, even though you may still require it.

How long does it take before I can 'hear' or even contact the OLAP? I want to know this, because otherwise my mind plays tricks on me. :)

This can vary from the first moment to several months of working with them. I believe it took me about two months of working with them to start hearing their thoughts in my mind. However, it is not that these communications where not there before. Rather, my mind was not quiet enough or on the same wavelength to pick up on them. For me they speak to me while I am doing a healing and tell me what they are doing. Their voice pops in my head much like thoughts pop in your own head from time to time. The difference is in a healing I am focused on the task and the only thoughts I seem to have are on the healing and what is being done or should be done.

Am I ready to summon ARN or ARAGOTH surgeons yet? I think my friend may have a karmic problem that is showing up in physical discomfort.

I would work with the OLAP for a few months, first, before moving on to the other healing energies. You will find in time that most of the healings you do will involve the OLAP. So it is important to have this connection firmly established. The ARN and the ARAGOTH do work in conjunction with the OLAP, so even though you may be working with the OLAP the OLAP themselves may call in the ARN or the ARAGOTH.

I think you can still heal your friend without having the expertise to call in these other healers. If the problem persists or keeps returning then there may be a karmic thing going on and the ARAGOTH may be needed. But take it one step at a time.

What would be the first things I should do to find my spirituality?

The most important thing a person can do is to establish a good connection to his or her spirit guide. While they are doing that, some background in thought creation (Reality Creator I stuff), then of course doing a meditation at least once a week. Keep this regiment up for three months before moving on to more advanced topics. Many students want to jump into the advanced topics right away. You can of course do this, but it is much better to take the time to learn the reality creating basics first. All the more advanced and neat stuff have their basis on these fundamental principles.

Some schools of thought, particularly in Hinduism, believe that the spiritual path is greatly aided by Celibacy,... What is you comment on this. My personal opinion is that at some time Celibacy hinders spiritual development because the principle of Gender. Ultimately we can only fully develop with the aid of the opposite gender. But of course this doesn't explain people such as Jesus, Buddha & Sivananda etc...

There is no clear answer to the celibacy while spiritually evolving issue. However let me impart some of the things I have learned about relationships and evolvement.

The monks and some religions require celibacy for their priests because relationships tend to distract you from the training involved to purify the soul. Let's face it, how can you be thinking about your relationship with the universe when your mate wants to know what you are wearing to the party tonight. This is just a silly example but it does demonstrate the point.

Now there are things that you must learn from relationships as well. So no evolutionary process would be possible without some or many lives spent focusing on relationships.

Emotions and relationships are tied closely together. When you engage in a relationship your emotions become stirred and your reality creating takes on a new direction. To put it simply your mate becomes a mirror through which you can see your own imperfections. This shows why it is very common for relationships to fluctuate from tension to bliss. As you clear the imperfections within yourself the tension goes away and bliss, as a reward, comes back. This recoiling tension/bliss action causes each person in the relationship to evolve as deeper personal issues are uncovered over time. The hotter the relationship the hotter this tension/bliss action will be.

When the soul reaches a certain point it needs to focus on the less worldly things so it can complete its evolutionary process. At this point relationships can hinder the process because of this reality mirror principal. The tenants of final evolution are very demanding on the self. Add the relationship mirror into this mix and you have overload. As such when many students enter into the final phase of their evolutionary process, all the relationships around them fall away, regardless of whether or not they want them too. The energy that you take on while finalizing your ascension causes a reverse attraction and you repel any would be mate away, without having to do anything on your part.

There is also the concern of sex during the final phase of ascension. When you have sex you exchange energy. In a sense the one with more energy gives it to the one with less. As energy is such an important part of ascension (the raising of the vibrations of the molecules in your body). Sex can hinder you from ever being able to raise the vibrations of your aura and your physical body. Ascension then would be delayed.

Keep in mind I am not an advocate of celibacy at all. However I cannot dispute what I see happening to people and my students as we travel the path of ascension. I do believe that at the proper time after much of the ascension energies have been acquired you can engage in a relationship with a soulmate, as long as that soulmate is in the same evolutionary slot as yourself. I am not saying that it is this way for everyone, but this is the pattern I have observed.

I have no doubt that there are many couples that are in relationships and are actively evolving their own being. My guess and experience tells me that in the ascension game you can you can go further being detached from as many worldly concerns as possible. But hay it is not a race! So take it at any pace that you feel comfortable with. If a relationship presents itself to you along your path, and you want to, then go for it.

Could you please explain the connection or relationship between Aethyrs and Tree of Life? It is the same? Which spheres of the Tree belong to which planes of Aethyrs? After death of man - Where goes the spirit or soul? To which plane? Are there some higher planes above Divinity/monadic/?

The Tree of Life and the Aethyr are two separate learning systems. Normally you travel and learn through the Tree of Life first. Then you start working in the Aethyr.

The two learning systems do occupy similar reality planes. Kether roughly corresponds to the Aethyr level ZID. Binah is very close to Aethyr level ZAX but not part of it. Daath and Chokmah are in the upper mental plane region of the Aethyr. Geburah, Chesed, Tiphareth are in the lower mental plane. Hod, Yesod, Netzach occupies the Astral Plane. Finally Malkuth corresponds to TEX and RII in the Aethyr.

Even though regions of both systems over lap in areas of the nonphysical plane, the two systems are separate from each other. The lessons in each are different as well. The Tree of Life gives you the energy and skill you need to evolve and grow. The Aethyrs purify you increasingly as you go up toward LIL, removing lower energies and negative aspects of yourself.

So in brief you need both systems if you want a very rounded evolutionary track.

I was reading of your past log files, you mentioned that the past subtlety changes by remembering one account of the event and then remembering another differently. I don't understand what this means.

You can observe the past changing in two ways, through your own memory and through others memory.

For example, you remember some past event happening one way and your friend remembers it happening another way. In this case it could be that both of you have a good memory of the event but each of you experienced that past differently. One of you changed their past so that it no longer is the same as it was.

The other way can be a bit more subtle. This deals with events that you directly experience and have no one else's memory of the event to compare to. For example, you had a very bad relationship with someone in the past. Then at some point years later when you think back to that time, it seems it was not as bad as you thought. What has occurred is the past has changed to reflect the new future you have created for yourself. That past event does not seem as bad as it was because it has changed from what you originally experienced. With this kind of change in the past you have to catch this happening just as you are changing the past. Because after a few weeks or months, your old memory of the event may be completely gone and you will only remember the new changed past.

In other words as the past subtly changes there is a residual memory of both events for a short period of time. Because the human mind is unaccustomed to holding two sequences of events for one event, the mind usually discards one of them. The one that goes is the one that no longer supports your current reality view or what you are in the process of creating for yourself.