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Healing one's self is the ultimate act of self love!

Self-healing is a basic part of existence. All forms of consciousness must, on some level, be able to self heal; otherwise consciousness would continually be in a state of chaos. Self-healing is the ultimate act of self-love. It affirms to consciousness, and the Universe, that it is proud, thankful, and happy to be a part of existence.

Now, a healing implies that something needs to be set right. So, a condition of being unwell is the result of the energy, which surrounds you, being out of balance. This imbalance can be caused by blockages in the energy field or, even, by excessive amounts of some kind of energy being present at the improper time. In the case of physical ailments, the body becomes sick only after the energy field (your aura) surrounding it, first, becomes affected. As you know, the physical body gets its vitality and direction from the host consciousness, and that host consciousness is composed of energy. The body will follow the host consciousness, never the other way around!

Healing one's self, once illness has set in, entails repairing the damaged physical organism and healing the energy field. Notice that I said the 'repairing of the damaged physical organism'. I stated it this way purposefully. You see! Your physical body, for the most part, is just a mechanical device that requires repair from time to time. The actual healing, which occurs, occurs on the etheric energy level, just above physical reality, where the energy of your consciousness merges with the energy of the physical body. It is here that the energy in your aura must be set right, otherwise any physical healing will, at best, be only temporary.

In this chapter I will give you techniques that you can use to heal both your physical body and your nonphysical energy field. In this way, a most complete healing can occur. These methods, which I'll explore, you can adapt to use on others; however, the healing of others will be covered in the next chapter in greater detail.

The first and certainly the most powerful method of self-healing is consciousness directed properly toward that condition. Positive thoughts of health, healing, and of an optimistic future can change even the most dire of conditions. However, the trick here, with this positive-thought method, is a completely uninhibited belief system. A belief system containing uncertainty will, of course, diminish the effectiveness of this kind of approach. That's why I have these other methods that follow. These other methods, coupled with this core technique, can bring about a healing, even with a belief system that is less than perfect.

Of course, the most physical way of healing (body repair) is through the Earth itself. This kind of healing involves herbs, roots, minerals, and various plant matters that is digested or applied as a tonic. This kind of treatment, though, only affects the physical body and, usually, does not treat the underlying cause, which is some abnormality in the human energy field (more on this later). A healing merely using herbs or teas will be temporary; however, the primary concern can be directed toward the body now and later, as the body gets stronger, toward the energy field. By a temporary healing, I mean that without the setting right of the energy field, the physical condition may come back or, in the very least, some other physical malady may spring forth.

Just a note here on medical science: many of medicines today are not natural in origin and, thus, tend to disrupt the body's natural processes, depleting it of nutrients and natural-body chemicals that the body needs to help it to recover. Nonetheless, this depleting of body nutrients does not imply that this form of science does not work, because a very powerful belief system is in place around it. You believe in these substances, so therefore they are powerful body repairers. This idea goes back to the core positive-thinking healing-treatment: if you believe that you can heal or be healed, then you can. Your deep-seeded belief in these chemicals can and do bring about the body repair that you seek, despite their ability to hinder the body in that process.

Just another word: this one goes to all the naturalists out there. Many naturalists are so against medical science and have cut themselves off from this kind of healing. The naturalist's mentality is that because the system has flaws, you won't be a part of it. Well, to those of you that feel this way, best be aware that, since your birth, your belief in a chemically based healing system was and still is in place. You can try to negate it; however, this negating will not change this deep-seeded belief overnight. What I'm saying here is to explore ALL avenues open to you for body repair. First, try the more natural ways to heal the body. Then, if these fail, you should consider the healing-system that firmly exists in your belief system. A good suggestion would be to slowly integrate natural science with your existing chemical science, and, in time, you can dispense with the chemical science completely. Remember, it can take many years to change a belief of this magnitude, so, in the meantime, use both systems if need be.

Now, moving on, the ancient witch doctor used another form of body repair and, to some degree, a form of energy healing. This type of healing I call a drama healing. A witch doctor would very often dance around chanting and singing, using his body and mind as a sort of psychic-spiritual conduit. Two things occurred here. First, the witch doctor became a channel for healing energies to pass from him into the patient. These healing energies, naturally, came from spirit-healers working with the tribe. The other thing that this drama did was to demonstrate to the sick that something was being done to remedy the situation. Many times just changing the belief of the patient is enough to bring the body and the energy field back into balance. Of course, the later is just another form of helping the individual with that positive-thinking healing technique discussed earlier.

An even older method of body repair and energy healing is the one used by the Atlantean's and the Lemurian's. This method will be returning in the future, as humanity evolves into a more energy-focused society. Small electronic crystals and magnetic energies as well as consciousness's energy itself will be used to perform tissue regeneration, the removal of toxic growth and to heal the energy field directly. Sound is also a very effective method for repairing the body and healing the energy field. Certain frequencies vibrated continually can aid in body regeneration and the realignment of the aura's energy. This regenerative quality of sound is why you often find music a very pleasurable experience. The sound waves bath your body and spirit, gently healing and soothing your consciousness in the process. As you can see, by utilizing several of these methods you can develop a very powerful regiment for self-healing.

Keep in mind that quite often the body maintains its state of health by a system of purging. That is, it may seem quite normal for the body to become unhealthy at times. This unhealthiness is part of the way the body rids itself of built up toxins, when no other personal healing method is used. The infliction acts as a catalyst mobilizing the body's defenses. The healing process is part of this routine in that, with proper use, you can rid yourself of these body toxins and return the body to a state of health very quickly. In time and as you get better at healing and removing these toxic energies from your system, the need for you to vacillate between health and illness will diminish and you will experience longer and longer periods of being completely well.

Naturally the first thing that you can do when the body becomes ill is to take some kind of medication, any kind of herbal or natural form of medication would be best. This action will help the body to heal itself chemically. I will not be getting into specific herbs or teas, as such, in this book. There has been enough information on this topic given in the past, and you are encouraged to seek literature of this nature.

The next thing that you can do to help the healing process is to force energy - your energy - into the area that is giving you trouble. The following energy methods have the advantage that they will heal the physical area as well as that area's corresponding energy malady. As I have already stated, a complete healing involves healing both the physical and the metaphysical sides of the body, and there are a several ways to accomplish this energy healing. Let me cover them one at a time.

The first and most easy energy-healing method I call the polarity healing. The polarity healing is good for passing healing energy from one area of your body and into another. Let's say that your left knee is bothering you. Take your right hand and place it on your right knee, and then place your left hand over your left knee. This sets up what I call a polarity. Now, send energy from your good knee into your bad knee. Feel that energy pass from your good knee, up your arm, and down the other arm and into the bad knee. What you are doing here is taking good knee-energy and sending it to the other knee, replacing that bad-knee energy. The polarity healing is very good in that the energy is already predisposed toward that particular area of the body and, as such, will pass and be used easily by the inflicted area. Spend several minutes passing the energy from one limb to the other.

Sometimes, it is not possible to cover the needed area with your hands and pass energy into it. For these times, you can mentally move energy to the area. I call this healing method a pinpoint healing. For example, if you have a sore throat, you can send a pinpoint stream of energy to that area to increase the energy flow there. An increase in energy in that area will accelerate the healing process. To use this method, concentrate intently on the area that is bothering you. Narrow the focus of your attention to as small an area, of the infected area, as is possible for you. Try to find the exact, infinitesimally small spot where the cause may lie. When you have this spot clearly in your mind, move a mental needle into that area and feel this mental needle jab the area. Now send a stream of energy from your heart chakra through this needle and into the inflicted area. Feel the area getting hot from the influx of energy. Continue this mental process for several minutes or so.

A third method of moving energy into your body and aura is the blanket healing. Use this method when the whole body has to be healed, as in a flue or virus that effects many parts of the body at once; or, you can use it for smaller areas like a whole arm or leg. Start by taking deep easy breaths. On the in breath, feel the build up of energy in your heart chakra. On the out breath, pass that energy out of your heart chakra in a kind of energy mist that should encircle the entire body. Naturally, the blanket healing method does not put as much energy in any one particular place, but it will circulate an increase in energy around you. Again, maintain this focus for several minutes.

Now, all these energy methods will be best effective if done several times a day until the area is healed. You should, also, keep up with any oral supplements that you have chosen to take, following those supplements instructions and cautions, of course.

You use the heart chakra energy in the healing process because the heart center is the only energy center that can take pure spiritual energy and transmute it to a form that the physical body can use.

You can use crystals to enhance the movement of energy, with these healing methods, by placing crystals under the palms (in the case of the polarity method) or over the effected area of the body (in the case of the pinpoint method). I will cover crystal healing more extensively in another chapter.

In using sound to heal, experiment on your own with various tones, vibrating them by using your larynx, you will find one or two tones that seem to improve your condition. Furthermore, I would recommend, from time to time, listening to music that you find pleasant, to help the body maintain its healthy condition. Your body will naturally use these incoming sound waves for the upkeep and rejuvenation of the physical and metaphysical bodies.

As far as the drama healing, if you feel the need and urge, you can have a friend dress up in skimpy-feathered clothes and have that person jump around the room. The laughter alone that this act will generate will be therapeutic in itself. However, the need for this kind of healing is diminishing in time, as humanity learns more about how he creates his own health and illnesses.

Of course, the core-cause of any illness rests with consciousness itself. Even the energy field being out of alignment stems from some incorrect attitude of consciousness. It is, ultimately, that cause that must be addressed. However, don't go crazy chasing ghosts either! You may merely be ill because you are tired and are in need of a rest. Consciousness gets tired, too, from time to time, because it needs a break. A physical illness can detract consciousness from its present focus and place it onto a new focus: the healing of the body. You see! Rest for consciousness is not empty bliss of non-use. Rest for consciousness is the need to change the focus from what fatigues it to something that does not. So, a good way to keep your body, spirit, and your consciousness healthy is to give yourself a break from the day-to-day drudgery that you generate. Try to live life in wonder and excitement and experiment with your day, trying out new ways, ideas, or things. Diversity will keep you alert, agile, and in good spirits.

So, self-healing, as stated in the opening paragraph, is the ultimate act of self-love. When you heal yourself, you love your body, mind, and spirit in a way that is pure and divine in nature. If you can learn to love yourself to this degree than you can easily take that love and apply it to everyone else. What a wonderful world you would have, indeed, if you could do that!

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