The ARN Surgeons

The Pathwork Healing Series

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The ARN Surgeons (pronounced a-ra-na) are the Divine Technicians. These are the guys that designed the human body system, as well as many other body systems used by other physical forms of life. In the last chapter, I told you that the OLAP Surgeons were responsible for taking the blueprint designed by the ARN Technicians and creating it into a physical form. This kind of puts the ARN Surgeons up a rung or so above the OLAP, but, as you will see, one does not supercede the other; rather, they complement each other, and that complementing is how you will use them in your healing work.

The ARN are great surgeons to call in when you have any kind of energy restructuring to do. The rebuilding of a chakra can be done quite well by the ARN. The OLAP Surgeons can do chakra restructuring too, but the ARN Surgeons deal with that restructuring down to the level of the Energy Unit. (An Energy Unit is the most basic form of consciousness. It is the building block of more complex forms of consciousness). Also, any body healing that requires DNA restructuring is perfect work for the ARN Surgeons. Healing the Nervous System is another use for the ARN Surgeons. The nervous system deals with energy on a very basic level. The ARN are great at manipulating energy at this level and, hence, can do exceptional work with this body system. The ARN are also good to apply to the immune system, as that too requires energy manipulation on a sup-particle level. Some forms of brain surgery, especially if the electrical pathways have to be repaired, are great for the ARN to tackle.

The ARN Surgeons also deal with whole organ sections. For example, if a liver has to be replaced, they are quite capable of removing it and installing a new, fully-functional one (on the Etheric level, that is). Once the Etheric Level is repaired, the actual physical part will heal, sometimes in a matter of days. Of course, the damage to the physical organ itself needs to be at a repairable level. Sometimes, a physical organ can be damaged so much that even changing its Etheric counterpart may not help. In essence, here, the problem is that there may not be enough time for the repairs to transpose to the physical side and the physical organ my fail before energetically it can come back.

The ARN, unlike the OLAP, need a continuous focus to maintain their existence in the physical sphere. Which means, if you lose the necessary energy, the ARN will not be able to continue the work. You see! The reality that the ARN come from is quite different. They require your consciousness to complete a bridge so that they can work on the Earth Plane. The OLAP, however, are still much a part of the physical system and with enough of an energy stream, they are quite capable of completing an operation, even if you lose the mental focus or get tired. So, for this reason, working with the ARN Surgeons requires a very fine focus of consciousness. When you work with them you will feel like you are in a very deep trance or meditation, but if you were to relax that mental focus, you would lose it. It's kind of like maintaining your focus on a mental dot the size of the head of a pin. Move your eye too far, and you've lost the point. Practicing deep meditation can help to train your consciousness to remain focused on this energy for long enough to complete an operation.

A good thing, though, is that the ARN Surgeons work very fast. They have the capability to come in quickly, do the work, and leave just as fast. Twenty minutes would be long enough for the ARN to come in and change a whole organ and do a complete chakra restructuring, to give you an idea of how long is needed. Quite often a typical healing with the ARN will involve work with the OLAP too. Often the OLAP will come in and prepare the area, then the ARN will come in and do the work on a sub-energy level, and then the OLAP will return to close up and balance the individual. So, with this tandem healing method in mind, you do not have to be too concerned, when first learning how to work with the ARN, if you should lose the necessary focus for them. Most likely they will be done before you know it, and the OLAP will come in to finish. In time, and as you become better at holding the energy of the ARN, you will experience healings where you are able to hold the energy of the ARN throughout the entire healing session.

The ARN Surgeons often come in on a blue flame, so if you see a blue light in your minds eye, that is just the ARN coming in. This blue flame is usually a signal that a body part is going to be replaced. The ARN tend to use the blue flame as a kind of sterilization field for the new part. Once the new body part is installed, the blue flame will recede. Then the healing may end or progress to other areas.

To lock in on the ARN you recite the key mantra (pronounced a-ra-na) just like you do for the OLAP surgeons. Also, elevating your consciousness to your GOD-Point, at the same time, twenty feet above your head, will also help you to connect with them. Your one hand should be on the area to be repaired and your other hand should be someplace else on the body. The ARN will direct you as to where to place your other hand. Many times it does not matter, but your two hands firmly placed on the patient is necessary, as the ARN will set you up as an energy conduit through which they will work and through which you will process the patients energy, to be used in the healing. For this reason, a session with the ARN can be a bit draining on the patient, because often the ARN will purify the patient's energy by passing it through you, all while they do their work. When they do this, they strip away the toxins and negative energy and leave just the positive energy in the body. The patient may feel tired afterward, because they have less energy to draw from. (A person can use even negative energy).

It will be hard to tell if the ARN are working, because their energy is so fine. Suffice it to say, though, if it seems that one or both hands are permanently stuck on the patient, they are still working, and they do not want you to move them. A typical healing session with the ARN is quite boring, as your hands will do little moving. The ARN prefer to use your hands as guides through which to work, but will do the movement in the body on an energy level. So, make sure that you are good and comfortable before calling in the ARN, because you are apt to be in that position for ten to thirty minutes.

The ARN generally do not like to talk or communicate on a human level, so you may not hear the chatter going on in the back of your head, like you do with the OLAP. However, the ARN will let you tune into what they are doing on a mental level. You can request that they show you what is happening, and they will. Here, they will feed you mental images of what is going on in the body and of what they are doing. Try not to interrupt them, as they are very focused on what they are doing and do not take too kindly to distraction. They respect your curiosity and will answer your questions in due time.

The tools of the ARN are very advanced. Suffice it to say that they use pure light in all of their work. This light is a divine, living-light that is intelligent on its own and knows just what to do. The Caduceus Energy (see Reality Creator II) is a very basic form of this living-light. In fact, the ARN Surgeon's DNA restructuring routine uses Caduceus Energy. The cutting out of parts is done by surrounding the object with a kind of white-orange light, which then will dissolve the Etheric bonds, and then they will remove the object. The ARN sow in parts the same way, but here they use a white-blue light. The ARN purge out negative energy by melding a white-white light with the patients energy. Any negativity gets ejected and then the ARN will catch this debris and take it away. If they need to add energy to a patient's field they will use a white-red light or a white-green light. A white-yellow light is often used to reduce the energy in a given area. Sometimes too much energy can accumulate in a particular area of the body and the ARN will use the white-yellow light to reduce the energy here.

Unlike the OLAP, who seem to work in teams, the ARN will give no such indication. This lack of team-work is not what it seems, however, because the ARN Surgeon's energy is so fine, you will be relatively unaware of just how many of them are around. You may feel the master surgeon's energy as he works through you, but it will be difficult to see or feel any others. If you are sensitive enough and able to see these divine surgeons, you will see wispy forms of white light that only vaguely look like anything human. The ARN always come in their divine form and will rarely resemble a human being. They do work in teams but that team could be as small as one or as large as a hundred. Many times the ARN will shrink down to tiny beings about the size of thumb, and they will enter into the body through your hands and go inside and do actual work from this micro-size level. This is one of the reasons why your maintaining the energy conduit for them is so important. Without your pulling down of the energy, these tiny ARN Surgeons cannot exist in the body and carry out the desired healing work.