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  1. Reality creator I
    The Physical

    Learn how you create your world from a physical standpoint. Mental Techniques, Creation Technique, Basic Reality Creating, More...

  2. Reality creator II
    The Nonphysical

    Learn how you create your world from a nonphysical standpoint. Dreams, Meditation, Out of Body Travel, Energy Exercises, More...

  3. Reality creator III
    The Energy Master

    A new book coming in the future, with sample chapters appearing here.

  4. Reality Creator Advanced

    Everything you wanted to know and more! Covering supplemental or advanced reality creating techniques and skills not covered in book I or II (This section is full of neat stuff covering a wide breath of esoteric topics)

  5. Energy Exercises & Charts
    Short and sweet!

    A collection of helpful energy exercises, protection exercise and charts on various esoteric topics. Great supplement to the Reality Creator series as well.

  6. Reality Creator Radio
    Turn up the volume

    My limited run radio show where I talk about Reality Creating and other interesting things.

  7. Dreams

    Check out my section on dreams and how to use them to travel and to create your world.

  8. Out of Body Travel
    Fly like an Eagle!

    Nonphysical travel can be a great way to acclerate your evolution and learn about the universe first hand. Learn how to start here.

  9. Meditation

    Meditation is a great way to relax and recharge. You can also use it as a mild form of mental travel to enter the nonphysical traning systems. Learn how here.

  10. Aethyrs
    Advanced Nonphysical Training System

    The Enochian (Angelic) nonphysical training system has been used by adepts for centuries. Learn how to use this tool that evolves human souls in to divine beings.

  11. The Tree of Life
    The Kabablah, Sephira

    Great nonphysical training system for the beginner and beyond.

  12. Magick

    Everyone needs some magic in their life! Magick is another way to reality create. Here you can learn some of my most favorite magical techniques. They are all safe and easy to use and integrate very well with the Reality Creator material.

  13. Protection
    Raise Shields!

    At times you need some kind of protection in your life. Here are some of my best protection techniques to keep you safe and secure from harm.

  14. Healing
    I am that I am!

    “Heal thyself!” is the first credo in my world. Here you can learn how to do it. Beginner and advanced materials.

  15. Chakra guide
    The human energy field.

    Need to know what energy center does what or want to see what they look like? Well look no further.

  16. Q & A
    Dear Hermes...

    A compilation of e-mail over the years on topics that cover just about anything you can think of.

  17. Hermes' Blogs
    Sit down and have a cup of tea!

    When something is on my mind, I put it here. Could be my opinion on something or a new exercise or way to look at life.

  18. Letter of the Month
    Best questions each month!

    I take the best question of the month and put it here.

  19. Real Audio

    If you get tired of reading then how about trying my real audio tutorials.

  20. Stones A to Z
    Gems & Minerals

    This section is great to find out how a particular stone or mineral will affect you or what stone to carry to help bring about some desired change in your life.

  21. The Column
    No more...

    My brief extracurricular job as editor of the now long gone Human Journey website. Here are my monthly editorials. (Human design, culture, and evolution)

  22. Workshop log files
    It's Chitchat on a whole new level

    If you can't make my live workshops then they come to you. Use this complete listing to find the logfile you are looking for or use the site search engine.

  23. Glossary
    Look it up

    The glossary has many terms used throughout this site. If you don't understand a word, look it up here.