Who are You? Workshop; the three primary archetypes; building nonphysical bridges, reducing relationship co dependency
December 13, 2007 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Dec 13 14:07:06 2007
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<attuned> hi logo
<LogoRat> hey
<LogoRat> how many hours left until workshop?
<attuned> 1.5 I think
<LogoRat> k
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<attuned> hi Red!
<RedXVIII> hi everyone
<RedXVIII> hmm, interesting topic
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<attuned> did you read this
<RedXVIII> I did yes
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<hermeslogger> Welcome Hermes Today's Worksheet is at:
<RedXVIII> still, its tough to answer
<Hermes> Howdy
<Hermes> let's have some fun discovering who we are
<Orpheriel> sounds good :)
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<Hermes> hello again
<RedXVIII> I'm finished with my worksheet, anybody else?
<Hermes> they are working on the wires in my neighborhood
<Hermes> and when you least expect it the DSL goes down
<Hermes> ok
<RedXVIII> hope they fix it quickly then :)
<Hermes> no its a huge project
<Hermes> they are replacing everything
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<hermeslogger> Welcome electra980 Today's Worksheet is at:
<Hermes> the worksheet will help you to pinpoint your core energy type
<electra980> hi hermes!
<RedXVIII> ah, ok
<electra980> sorrY I'm late
<electra980> how much have I missed
<Hermes> it is the first step in understanding yourself from a more inner perspective
<Hermes> not much electra
<electra980> good!
<Hermes> people are still working on the worksheet
<electra980> thanks
<RedXVIII> I guess i«m primarily a creator then, i checked all those boxes
<Orpheriel> *done
<Hermes> there are three archetypes
<LogoRat> workshop started?
<Hermes> creator, healer, and teacher
<Hermes> just about anything you can think of can be distilled down into one of these
<Hermes> Red in your case if you are the creator type you are learning how to use your energy to make things happen
<Hermes> to create something from nothing
<Orpheriel> is being a student similar to being a teacher? Like the bottom of an apple is similar to the top half of an apple?
<Hermes> well you can be a student and be any of the other types
<Hermes> a student just means you are learning
<Hermes> which really all the archetypes have to do
<Hermes> knowing which energy or energies that make up your core being is the first step to understanding how you relate to your world and yourself
<Hermes> each archetype meets the world a bit differently
<RedXVIII> so each archetype has a different purpose, sort of
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> creators are builders and shapers
<Hermes> healers, heal, nurture and make things that are already built grow
<Hermes> teachers train others to do things
<Hermes> or show the way
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<LogoRat> interesting
<Hermes> i often get the question, what will i do after i am finished with physical reality
<Hermes> well one of these three things is probably the case
<Hermes> if you are a creator you will go on to create in other universes dealing with energy and matter
<RedXVIII> woah
<Hermes> if you are a healer you will go on to tend to others and heal them
<Hermes> perhaps even heal sick universes
<Hermes> a teacher often works back in the system he came from as a spirit guide or master teacher
<LogoRat> i got creator/teacher
<Hermes> yes Logorat you can be more than one
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> this happens too
<Hermes> and that means your focus is in both areas
<electra980> I got healer and teacher equally with creator a fraction behind that
<electra980> I need to ask you a question about no 3
<Hermes> sure, what is 3?
<electra980> what if you like both equally which is certainly the case with me
<Hermes> oh question 3
<electra980> either alternative would suit me fine
<Hermes> you would have creator and one other in there then
<Hermes> a creator does not like to stay around after the initial work is done
<electra980> I got yes to everything except that one
<Hermes> but a teacher and a healer would
<electra980> oh well I definitely do
<electra980> but I would like both
<electra980> creator would not then be my first option perhaps but by a hair;'s breadth
<electra980> I actually think in my own mind teacher would be bottom of the list but it has not worked out that way
<Hermes> well i will have to try to make that question more clear i suppose in the future
<Hermes> you could leave it unanswered and see what you get
<Hermes> unanswered^
<electra980> well that would make creator last on the list which I don't think is right for me
<electra980> but there is so little difference in the scores that I think it's a bit academic really
<Hermes> well the questions are not perfect, but the are designed to get you thinking about it
<electra980> after all teaching is a kind of healing and so is creating
<electra980> I tend to look at everything from the healing point of view
<Hermes> if you score evenly, you can be leaning toward teacher
<electra980> if it isn't good medicine I see no point
<electra980> i just like to do what needs doing
<LogoRat> it kind of fits in with what i feel about myself
<Hermes> some people will know right away what they are
<Hermes> others will have to work on it
<Hermes> as far as these archetypes are
<Hermes> the hard work is thinking about these archetypes
<Hermes> and what suits you and does not
<Hermes> not just my questions
<electra980> yeah - this is all new concepts to me
<Hermes> but the general idea of what is a healer, a teacher and a creator
<electra980> never thought in this way
<Hermes> which one of these are me and how much of each do I have
<Hermes> its a first step in this process
<electra980> you know you said that a creator doesn't like to stick around once the initial work is done?
<electra980> I don't see why following up the work to completion wouldn't be equally as important
<Hermes> a purely creator type will be like that
<Hermes> they get bored easily
<LogoRat> i like to create new path in peoples minds to help them look from another viewpoint
<electra980> hang on though
<electra980> like I'm a musician and I need to work on stuff, compose things
<electra980> now that is pure creation but my creations involve the perfection of what I'm working on
<Hermes> well I did not mean not to follow through to completion but rather once the job is done they would rather let others tend to its running
<electra980> I can't just have an idea and then leave it
<electra980> I have to be responsible for actualizing it as well
<electra980> oh right - I didn't understand that
<electra980> that is a totally different ball game
<electra980> ok - yes to that ?
<Hermes> yes Logorat that sounds like a teacher/creator
<electra980> but I think that is also healing as well
<Hermes> i will have to reword that question
<electra980> anyway now we have that sorted I have positives for everything there so I'm equally balanced between all 3
<Hermes> Spiritual teachers will have equal amounts
<Hermes> in all groups
<electra980> cannot see myself as a teacher
<Hermes> because they have to teach all three archetypes
<Hermes> perhaps not,
<electra980> but I like to help
<LogoRat> i am more of an explorer that gathers intel
<Hermes> time will tell, like I said you have to work on it
<electra980> certainly made me think
<Hermes> what are you gathering that intel for?
<Hermes> that is what you have to ask yourself
<Hermes> is it to share with others
<Hermes> or to use yourself
<Hermes> if you want to share it with others than that falls into teacher archetype
<Hermes> if for yourself than the creator archetype
<LogoRat> I've always had this idea in my mind to build "bridges" between dimensions
<electra980> that's amazing
<Hermes> there you go
<Hermes> now you know what it is for
<LogoRat> mmm
<Orpheriel> oh, logo, have you seen "The last mimzy"?
<Orpheriel> in the movie, a boy literally does build bridges between dimensions
<Hermes> They must have made that movie for you Logorat
<Orpheriel> he learns how to work with the earth grid (though the name is never mentioned like that)
<Orpheriel> but he sees a grid at some point
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<hermeslogger> Welcome electra399 Today's Worksheet is at:
<Orpheriel> and then creates a bridge and it's a fun movie :P
<attuned-> I checked #14 twice, as I've felt that's my duty ever since I was little. the creator part is the weak point
<Hermes> there it is in IMDB
<Hermes> yes many teacher archetypes specialize and they will be strong or weak in certain areas
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<Hermes> attuned sounds like you like teaching and healing
<electra399> am I still here
<Hermes> yes electra you are here
<electra399> ok
<Orpheriel> The test tells me I'm a creator who can heal and is working on becoming a teacher, which sounds true enough :)
<LogoRat> wow no i haven't seen thatone
<Hermes> Great Orph
<Orpheriel> it's a great movie logo :D
<Hermes> yes you can cycle through these as well, on your spiritual journey
<LogoRat> :) ok ill have a look at it later on
<Hermes> it depends on your arc.
<Hermes> some people will have the focus constant
<Hermes> others will change it and move through them
<RedXVIII> I love movies with a spiritual/fantasy twist, it makes you wonder if the writer is trying to say something
<electra399> or is even the carrier of an important message
<electra399> probably not always consciously
<Hermes> i'd say that is often true
<Hermes> you ask these writers and they have no clue what they were saying
<RedXVIII> haha
<electra399> yes - that always confounds me as well
<electra399> it's often the same with composers
<electra399> they don't know what they actually did
<electra399> or even why they did it
<RedXVIII> really?
<Hermes> some people are good vessels that can be used by higher spirits to channel messages
<LogoRat> they are in the "zone"
<electra399> it's like they're tuned into something of which they have no awareness
<electra399> exactly
<RedXVIII> do you have any specific pieces on mind?
<Orpheriel> *nods
<RedXVIII> musical i mean
<Orpheriel> I'm certain silent night was inspired by higher beings
<electra399> well I'm just talking about ppl I know or have known in the past
<Hermes> in this era writers are particularly zeroed in on because the message they get out can cover many people
<electra399> you don't have to be famous to compose - anyone can do it
<Hermes> writers and composers^
<electra399> but if it's really inspired you know it
<electra399> and it's then that you start asking ?s
<RedXVIII> ...i don«t think i have ever had that feeling... and i do write stuff
<electra399> when I listen to ppl I can detect that some ppl are definitely more tuned in than others
<RedXVIII> that doesn't«t mean i don't like what i write but i'm not sure i have had that higher inspiration feeling
<LogoRat> hermes, if you always follow you own heart.. is it a good guide for following your personal goal, if you are a bit lost in the fog so to speak.
<electra399> some ppl make a better sound than others
<RedXVIII> yes :)
<electra399> yes
<electra399> I would say definitely yes
<Hermes> Logorat, yes you have go where your passion lies
<Hermes> that is where the most energy is
<Hermes> to create with
<LogoRat> mmmm k
<Hermes> the road to your goals is rarely a straight line
<Hermes> it twists and turns
<LogoRat> mmm yeah i've noticed
<Hermes> but if you follow where your energy flows into
<Hermes> it will lead you thorough the maze and you will get there
<Hermes> knowing what kind or archetype makes you up can help there
<LogoRat> cool
<Hermes> because you can see why you are drawn to certain things in your life
<Hermes> and others do not phase you
<Hermes> you need to follow that pattern
<Hermes> of who you are
<LogoRat> yeah i feel so
<Hermes> accept the experiences that will nurture that
<LogoRat> ok
<Orpheriel> would you say it's a goal on its own to balance the archetypes out within you?
<Orpheriel> or is that optional
<Hermes> that is only for some people
<Hermes> some people are mainly intercepted in one aspect and they will focus all their lives and attention there
<Hermes> others like more balance
<Hermes> it is an individual thing
<Orpheriel> ok
<Orpheriel> being a balance junky myself... ^^
<Hermes> but again knowing that helps you
<Orpheriel> *nods
<Hermes> your reality creating will often reflect these aspects in what you draw to you in the way of choices
<Hermes> it can help to explain to you why you often see or find yourself in similar situations
<electra399> yes - I'd agree with that
<LogoRat> i've somewhat always known what i want to accomplish.. thou there comes times in life where it feels as if i step into a void and there is just no action taking place
<electra399> I often find myself working on the same things time and time again
<Hermes> LogoRat, you do need rest and poise every now and then so that you can anchor your experiences you have gained
<electra399> and sometimes you feel compelling to push on no matter what
<Hermes> it is okay to just relax on the path for a bit
<Hermes> yes electra, when the energy is there to push you push forward
<Hermes> when it seems the energy has fallen away a bit, you take a break
<Hermes> consciousness needs rest too.
<RedXVIII> I need to go now. Thanks for the worksheet, bye everyone
<electra399> bye
<Orpheriel> bye :)
<LogoRat> bye m8
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<Orpheriel> so Hermes, when you know which archetype you are, what are the things to watch out for?
<Orpheriel> I'm sure each has a weakness
<Orpheriel> as well as a strength of course
<Hermes> well, if you know where your energy lies you can make better choices
<Orpheriel> a too enthusiast creator could for instance be closed to other peoples ideas perhaps?
<Orpheriel> and a healer could become a martyr of they overdid being a healer
<Orpheriel> something like that
<Hermes> that could be true
<Hermes> but for this exercise we really want to know who you are so you can better understand why you react the way you do
<Hermes> acceptance is a lesson that all archetypes should learn for sure
<Hermes> to be tolerant of others
<Hermes> and their makeup
<Hermes> creators should watch that they do not get to self absorbed
<Hermes> they can become so focused on the task that they shut others out
<Hermes> healers can give too much of themselves
<Hermes> they can weaken their energies by trying to help more people than their energy can handle
<Hermes> teachers also suffer from that one as well
<Hermes> they can take on too many people to teach and also become obsessed with teaching others
<LogoRat> yes i've noticed that when i am very focused on a task i want to finish..i tend to block people and "protecting my nest"
<Hermes> yes that is typical creator energy
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> you can watch that
<Hermes> so that you do not get so focused that you shut out people completely
<Hermes> if you do get to that point
<LogoRat> like strictly take breaks etc?
<Hermes> take a break, you probably have been at it too long too hard
<LogoRat> k
<LogoRat> i guess my path in life drops me into the void as well cuz of my high focus on my base goal
<LogoRat> am i right?
<Hermes> you only have so much energy
<LogoRat> or is it part of the mechanics
<LogoRat> ah ok
<electra399> so what is your base goal
<Hermes> all archetypes have to watch how they use their energy
<Hermes> and try not to over do it
<LogoRat> ahh
<LogoRat> so the optimal is to center myself and meditate yeah?
<Hermes> the optimal would be to know your limits
<LogoRat> lol ok
<Hermes> healers for example will blow their energy out the fastest
<Hermes> they have a strong urge to help others even at their own cost
<LogoRat> existence is too much fun, i cant help myself hehe
<Hermes> yes it is fun
<LogoRat> my base goal is to gather knowledge and expand
<electra399> oh yes - same here
<Hermes> so you can build that bridge?
<Hermes> or was that Red?
<LogoRat> the bridges yes
<LogoRat> i like it
<LogoRat> easier to travel through
<electra399> Hermes I must go
<electra399> more creating to do
<LogoRat> :)
<electra399> oh Hermes I mean LOL
<Hermes> ok, have a good evening electra
<electra399> thanks hermes
<LogoRat> have a great time electra
<electra399> yea - thanks for sharing!
<Orpheriel> Bye :)
<electra399> Bye everyone - hope to see you all next week!
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<Orpheriel> I was wondering about something this week,
<Hermes> sure
<Orpheriel> there is someone I know who's real close to me, and whenever she gets sick, I tend to feel it in a similar way too
<Orpheriel> it will be weaker, but still very present
<Orpheriel> so I was wondering, how do you limit a transfer like that if you are really connected to someone
<Orpheriel> where you share emotions or even illness over long distance
<Hermes> yes, you have energy hooks from heart chakra to heart chakra
<Hermes> there is no easy fix for this
<Hermes> it happens because you both lean on each other for strength and support
<LogoRat> help the other one by balance your own energy?
<Hermes> yes
<Hermes> the fix
<LogoRat> k
<Orpheriel> *nods
<Hermes> is to strengthen the connection to spirit
<Hermes> but you both must do this
<Hermes> instead of pulling your energy toward each other
<Hermes> pull it toward spirit
<LogoRat> ahhhh
<Orpheriel> I see
* LogoRat sparks with ideas
<Orpheriel> lol
<LogoRat> :)
<Hermes> the hard part is that you both have feelings for each other and your emotions tend to go to each other first
<Hermes> the correct path would be spirit first, the other second
<LogoRat> awesome
<Orpheriel> spirit should try to be more present then :P it's seems so far away at times
<Hermes> yes it does seem so far away at times
<Hermes> and it is so much easier to direct it toward another human being
<Hermes> and this creates in incorrect energy flow
<Hermes> now your energy flows through the other person to spirit
<Hermes> instead of directly
<Hermes> here is what you can do
<Hermes> when you feel moments of love and strong emotion
<Hermes> take some of that and direct it toward spirit
<Hermes> just some of it
<Hermes> it will help restore the natural order
<LogoRat> what are the options to guide it to spirit?
<Hermes> for myself I imagine spirit as some spark within my body near my heart or sometimes just above my head
<Hermes> i will think "spirit" and then send some of that emotion to that spot
<Hermes> normally you may be inclined to send this toward the other individual
<Hermes> i am not saying you should stop this, but send some to spirit too
<Hermes> it is from spirit that you have love in the first place
<Hermes> find the spot within you where spirit rests
<Hermes> send it there
<LogoRat> so you help the unit grow by boosting your own spirit ..which in total boost both yourself and your partner
<Hermes> yes
<LogoRat> ?
<LogoRat> ok
<Hermes> all energy comes from spirit
<Hermes> so it has the unlimited supply you seek
<LogoRat> mmm
<Hermes> if you have a strong pipe to spirit
<Hermes> your energy will not weaken when another pulls on it
<Hermes> like is what is happening to Orph
<Orpheriel> I see
<LogoRat> is there anything like "too much" ?
<Hermes> too much spirit connection?
<Hermes> I'd like to see that
<Hermes> its hard enough as it is, as Orph says, it seems so distant at times
<LogoRat> k
<Orpheriel> I wonder why spirit is so much on the background though
<Hermes> it can be a problem in a relationship if both do not do this together
<Orpheriel> it would seem more interesting to have an open link
<Hermes> if one pulls toward spirit and the other toward the other, it can put more strain on that one person doing the connecting to spirit
<Orpheriel> I know, I've been accused of being annoyingly cheery often enough :D it's only fun to do some stuff together
<Hermes> spirit just seems a long way off
<Hermes> it is only this way because you have not worked hard on the connection
<Hermes> think about this
<Hermes> when was the last time you went after spirit with the same intensity as you did your first love or a new relationship
<Orpheriel> when I forgot something and tried to make a connection to say face to face how much easier it would be if spirit would tell me about such things
<Orpheriel> ^^
<Orpheriel> because I know it can see stuff coming from of position of non linear time
<Hermes> well spirit does help
<Hermes> you just are not tuned in enough at times
<Hermes> physical reality distracts you
<LogoRat> indeed
<Orpheriel> why doesn't it tune into us more though?
<Hermes> it will actually
<Orpheriel> we have to do all the work
<Hermes> if you direct some of that energy toward it
<Hermes> not really, spirit will meet you half way
<Hermes> it is like any good relationship
<Hermes> both must work at it
<Hermes> but if you do nothing, the relationship does not grow
<LogoRat> what if you are in the void
<LogoRat> and want to work on it
<LogoRat> hehe
<Hermes> the void, I think you mean you are in recharge mode, just getting your energy back
<Hermes> give it time until that passes
<Hermes> then work on it a bit
<LogoRat> there is no movement of reality
<Hermes> You can ask spirit to help you with your passion to focus toward it
<LogoRat> ok
<Hermes> the Tree of LIfe can be good with this
<LogoRat> so basically its my physical self that needs to cool down
<Hermes> Visit Kether to mobilize your energy and shake yourself from stagnation
<LogoRat> ahh.. ok
<Hermes> There are times when you need to rest
<Hermes> especially after a long period of reality creating
<Hermes> this is normal
<LogoRat> is there a symbol that represent that place?
<Hermes> but if it goes on too long
<LogoRat> ahh ok
<Hermes> you can visit Kether or ask the archangel there to send you some energy to move forward
<LogoRat> k
<Hermes> Logorat use the Sigil creator
<Hermes> to make a character of Kether
<Hermes> or use the archangels name
<Hermes> then carry it with you
<LogoRat> i wear a crystal that i code
<LogoRat> maybe i can code it with kether
<LogoRat> thanks m8
<Hermes> yes you can do that too
<Hermes> program up the crystal with Kether energy
<LogoRat> perfect
<Hermes> find out when the sun it at its highest point in the sky where you are
<LogoRat> ok
<Hermes> use that time to program the crystal to Kether's energies
<LogoRat> ahhh
<LogoRat> got it
<LogoRat> :)
<LogoRat> Thank you Orph for bringing this up m8
<Orpheriel> sure ^^
<Orpheriel> it's not something that I ever thought of having to deal with, lol
<LogoRat> :)
<Hermes> ok, if there is nothing else, then I will depart
<Orpheriel> me too then
<Orpheriel> thanks for the answers ;)
<Hermes> it was a good session with good questions and hopeful all of us know ourselves better
<LogoRat> oh yes
<LogoRat> thanks
<Hermes> i will take this to the next step in the next workshop
<Hermes> in the meantime i want all of you to work on this
<Hermes> figuring out your archetype
<Orpheriel> nice
<LogoRat> cool
<Orpheriel> I am actually, since a few weeks already :)
<Hermes> have a great evening
<LogoRat> u2 m8
<Orpheriel> see ya all later :) good night (or good morning depending on where you are)
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<LogoRat> btw, i recommend eckhart tolle's views on life when it comes to the idea of being in the now
<LogoRat> good stuff
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