Crystal Meditation: (Part 1)

The furthermost place you must search for yourself is within.

Crystal meditation is a fast way of accelerating your inner and outer growth, increasing your power level, and making some strong, helpful, nonphysical connections. Also, crystal meditation is a fine way of tending to that inner person that longs and needs to understand the world and universe. However, most importantly, crystal meditation will enable you to touch powers that can help you to control the person you are. Believe it or not! The better you can control yourself, the more effective you will be in the control of your reality.

Very few people know themselves, nor do they know how to control themselves. Most people are like the branches on a tree. When the wind is low and the weather is nice, they endure fine. However, when a storm or wind arises, these, seeming, rock-steady branches will blow this way and that way, totally out of control. Well, your inner person is not unlike these tree branches. When your life runs smoothly, you have no problem keeping stable; but when a crisis arises, you fly completely out of control, reacting to everything and not knowing how to get through the crisis or control what is happening. That loss of control is due to a lack of knowledge -- a lack of knowledge concerning your reactions, your feelings, or your energy. Surprisingly enough, crystal meditation will unlock some of these inner chambers, which can help you to understand, more fully, yourself and reduce your fears. Not only that, with crystal meditation, when a crisis does come up, you will possess a great tool that can help and guide you toward agreeable resolutions.

Now, simple meditation has been around for thousands of years. Many people throughout the centuries achieved great inner peace, physical stamina, and spiritual awareness because of this mental technique. However, the people who benefited most from meditation, were the ones who went into the mountains to do their meditating. What these solitude-seeking individuals did not know on a conscious level but did know on an unconscious level was that the mountains contained a natural meditation enhancer: quartz.

Embedded within the nearby bedrock were thousands of quartz crystals. (The mineral quartz is a natural stone and is quite common to mountainous areas.) The qualities of clear quartz helped these meditators to tune their body, mind, and spirit into the frequencies of the universe. These great spiritualists understood themselves and their world, more fully, because these frequencies were the keys to unlocking various inner doorways and states of awareness that the average person was unable to access.

Quartz crystals function like a key because they normally exist in a state of perfection; they vibrate at the frequency of the universe -- the frequency of God! When a person is surrounded with quartz, the mineral's piezoelectric effect will raise the vibrations of that person's energy, toward that of the crystals themselves. In effect, the aura of the person surrounded by quartz rises toward the aura of the universe, closer to perfection. (The aura is the electrical field that surrounds the physical and nonphysical bodies. The condition of the aura relates directly to the condition of the physical body.) Consistent exposure to quartz, especially during meditation, will permanently raise a person's auric vibrations to this higher, perfect frequency. When a person's aura vibrates at this higher rate, many, not normally available, resources open up -- like the opening up of other states of consciousness and the acquisition of large quantities of energy.

In addition, these quartz-enhanced meditations enable a complete balancing of a person's aura. Nonphysical healers are better able to manipulate the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, when a person is surrounded with quartz, because quartz -- besides existing in a state of perfection -- exists in two dimensions, simultaneously. Nonphysical healers can adjust the crystals from their side of reality and then let the crystals transpose these adjustments to the physical side of reality.

Furthermore, having one foot of a crystal sit in the physical world, while having the other foot sit in the nonphysical world, makes it a great tool for sending information back and forth. This free-flow of energy, from one dimension to another, makes it very easy to receive help and guidance from the Guardians -- the entities who wait on the other side to assist those who ask and reach-out. This multidimensional aspect of quartz is another reason why the great spiritualists sought to meditate in the mountains and seemed to possess great insight and wisdom. Let's face it! They had their own private telephone line to God!

Today, though, you do not need to go the mountain to reap the benefits of these enhanced meditations; the mountain can come to you. Modern-day mining has made possible the opportunity for everyone, if they desire, to install their own private telephone line to the divine -- without all the hassle and traveling that was necessary in the past. A trip to your local rock-shop or holistic center will have you equipped to open-up communication to the divine and embark on these quartz-enhanced meditations almost instantly.

Now, the type of quartz crystal that you are looking for will come in the form of a clear, six-pointed stone. These crystals vary in size, shape, clarity, color, and purity. However, for general meditation, the clear variety works best. For beginners, we recommend crystals approximately 2 inches long by 3/4 to 1 inch wide. You will need four crystals to use the beginner pattern and several more for the other patterns. (We will be covering the various crystal patterns, as well as the beginner pattern, in part two of this series.)

It's important to look over the crystals before you buy them. Make sure that you hold each one in your hand, to get a feel for the stone. If a particular crystal does not feel right or appeal to you, then you should put it back. Crystals are very personal. Not every crystal will be right for you, nor are you right for every crystal. The relationship, between you and your crystal, should be mutually benefiting. By just holding a crystal for a few moments will reveal whether you and that particular stone can get along. Believe me! If you and that stone are not compatible with each other, you will know. A feeling of uneasiness will be very evident. Do not take it personally, if a particular stone and you clash! It merely means that that stone is for another person. Put the stone back and choose another.

Now that you are aware of crystals, their advantages, and their possibilities with meditation, let's cover the basic mechanics behind meditation, before we get into meditating with quartz. In the beginning, you may find the pure act of meditating cumbersome and distracting. That feeling is present because you are unaccustomed to breaking up your physical day, in this manner. Normally, the only break in continuity you experience is when you go to sleep. However, meditation is one of the most simple tasks that you can embark on, and, in many ways, it is even simpler than sleep!

In the most basic form of meditation, you quiet your conscious mind and drift on a cushion of inner peace. This cushion of inner peace comes from the absence of thought, within your head. If you haven't realized already, you are thinking constantly -- from the moment you wake up, to the moment you go to sleep! Now, you may believe that sleeping is enough to rest your mind, and that may be true; however, your mind is not what you are resting here. What you are resting, when you meditate, is your consciousness. Also, you may be under the assumption that your consciousness gets rest while you sleep; except, that fact is even further from the truth! Your consciousness is more active when your body sleeps then when your body is awake. You merely are not capable of remembering all that your consciousness does while you sleep. So, the only way your consciousness is going to get that rest is if you consciously give it that rest, as you do when you meditate.

Except, meditation does not only provide your consciousness with its needed break; meditation can achieve that and much more. The more is physical and spiritual healing, guidance, understanding, learning, energy, recharging, and even mental travel. You see! Placing your consciousness into an inactive state, not only will enable your consciousness to rest, but will allow your consciousness to receive direction from other dimensions. For example, common sense dictates that -- if you are continually speaking -- you will be unable to listen. Your consciousness is unable to tune into these other dimensions, because you constantly preoccupy yourself with thought and action. When you meditate, you allow your consciousness's voice to keep quiet and the inner voices speaking to be heard. If you are unaccustomed to quieting your mind, developing the basics of meditation, even crystal meditation, will take time. In the beginning, your mind will fight you to remain active, because it knows no other way. However, with persistence you will succeed!

One way to succeed with quieting your mind is to use an inner sailboat. When a thought enters your head, you should gently push it away, as you would push away a toy sailboat on a quiet lake. Take that intruding thought and put it into your mental sailboat, then send the sailboat away. The farther the sailboat gets, the farther the thought will be from your mind. Eventually you will disperse all your thoughts in this manner and be left with only one thing: quiet, inner peace. When you reach this quiet, inner peace, you have begun meditating. In the beginning, you may only be able to hold on to this inner peace for a minute or so. However, in time, you will become increasingly efficient and be able to keep your mind quiet for longer periods of time.

Quieting your mind is the first of two parts which normal meditation possesses. During this first part of meditation, your consciousness and your body will receive the rest and nourishment needed to continue on in the day. This part of meditation is the part where the healers can come and heal you, if you desire. This part of meditation is also the part where your auric frequency rises and gets charged. Lastly, this part of meditation sets the proper mental attitude, so that the second part of meditation can take place.

During the second part of meditation, your consciousness will no longer be silent; however, you will not be doing the speaking. You, instead, will be doing the listening. It is here, during this second part of meditating, that the help, guidance, instruction, and contact with your spiritual Guardian can come. It is in this part of meditation where you learn how to deal with any present challenges that are within your life. It is in this part of meditation that you can receive warnings concerning any dangers that may befall you. It is in this part of meditation where you can travel, mentally, if you so desire.

Part 1 of Meditation
Part 2 of Meditation
the quieting of your mind
help and quidance
body rest
consciousness rest
contact with nohphysical guides
warnings (if any)
mental travel to other places
raising your enregy
meeting with other selves
preparation for part 2
travel forward or backward in time
return to normal consciousness

Determining when that first part of meditation ends and when that second part begins is not so difficult. During the first part of your meditation, your mind will remain relatively empty and few thoughts will enter into your awareness. However, when this part of your meditation completes, your mind will again startup. Except, this time, these thoughts will not be the intruding thoughts that they were in the beginning of your meditation. These thoughts, instead, will be coming from your spiritual guidance.

Now, your spiritual guidance, for the most part, will not speak to you, as another individual does. Your guidance, rather, will place instructions into your mind. These instructions will seem to come from you -- but will be lacking in any prior thought process to connect them with. In actuality, these instructions have come from another dimension and from an awareness far exceeding your own. When these thoughts arrive, your mind will play games with them. For example, your guidance may want to help you to get over a past fear. Your guidance may implant a suggestion that you confront that particular fear. Your mind may, in turn, construct a short visualization of you conquering that fear, or, perhaps, the feeling of conquering that fear will sweep through you. In this example, your guidance is telling you that it is time to meet this challenge; for you are quite capable of conquering it, at this time. Naturally, practical experience is the best way for you to become familiar with the way information will flow, from one dimension to another. Except, it is important to be aware of how this touching of the powers is most likely to occur. Some people are under the impression that the earth must shake when you touch your spiritual guidance. That assumption is not really true. In meditation, the contacts you will most likely have will be in a non-obtrusive form. Remember! Your guidance wants to reach you, not scare or shock you.

Once this second part of your meditation ends, your consciousness and awareness will shift back into physical reality and the room. It will be as if you are coming out of a daydream or a light sleep.

The exact end of a meditation varies greatly from person to person and from meditation to meditation. There are not any set rules! The length of a normal meditation will be as long or as short as it takes to give you the rest and instruction you need. Suffice it to say that you will know when it is over. There are definite indicators, which will inform you that your meditation is complete. We'll get into these indicators, when we cover the actual crystal-meditation process.

In the meantime, as a preliminary exercise to crystal meditation and meditation in general, try to quiet your mind, using the inner sailboat method. Practice stilling your mind, by sending off those little boats and watching what happens. You should not concern yourself with meditating, just yet; nor do you need to concern yourself with learning how to meditate without crystals, before you actually meditate with crystals. Right now, you are merely acquainting yourself with the stilling of your mind. This practice with quieting your mind will prepare you for the next step and the next chapter.

In the next chapter, we're going to go through an actual quartz-enhanced meditation. A crystal meditation is slightly different from a meditation that does not use crystals. Special care must be taken into account, due to the addition of quartz and the added energy bombardment that meditating with quartz possesses.


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