The Monad: Your Soul, Your Higher-Self, Your Spirit

In human society, the terms, Soul, higher-self, and spirit tend to be used synonymously; when, in actuality, they are not the same. In this dissertation, I am going to clarify just what each is and how they relate to your physical and nonphysical self. I'm also going to introduce you to the Monad concept in spirituality.

Because of the serial nature of physical reality, you tend to think in singular terms. You take that singular nature and then project it on to everything that surrounds you, even your nonphysicalness. Except, the nonphysical is anything but singular! It is a web of interconnecting probabilities, dimensions, universes, and time periods. People, too, are not singular on the nonphysical. A nonphysical person possesses many selves: past and present, probable selves, and selves yet to be. This multidimensional quality was confusing when trying to bring nonphysical concepts into physical reality; so certain terms were adopted, throughout the ages, to distinguish between just what part of the self was being referred to. But, like many things, these terms wound up being lazily used for one thing: the expression of your nonphysical person, in relation to your physical self. This interpretation, however, can cause some non-larity of nonphysical self and its wonderfully multidimensional quality. So, let's start our clarification, beginning with the most individual of aspects and work upward.

The person that you are and the person that you will become, when you are no longer physical is your spirit. The spirit is the nonphysical essence of the you that you know of as yourself. It is you without a physical body and free from time and space. The spirit, like all the other parts of your nonphysical self, is indestructible and free from the effects of aging, starvation, and exposure to the elements. This spirit is the closest you will come to your present physical individuality, once free of the body. However, keep in mind! In the nonphysical, this spirit is merely one face of the multidimensional person that you really are.

The next link upward in the chain is your higher-self. Your higher-self is your prototype, so to speak. This is the part of you that exhibits and possesses all of your best and most proficient qualities. Your higher-self is the person you should always ascribe to becoming. It is the person that you can evolve into, from your present perspective. This self is a being that is both separate and part of you. However, for argument's sake and clarification, we can say that your higher-self is what you will become, in the future, when you complete your evolving in the physical development system. Terms and references such as "Look to your higher-self for guidance" or "See what your higher-self will do" all refer to this self that has learned all that is knowable within physical reality and possesses the wisdom to show for it. Touching your higher-self is like opening up the complete encyclopedia to human knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Continuing upward one notch is the Soul ^capital S. To your Soul you are like a child: one child of many, in fact. A Soul is an energy essence, which takes under its wing, many selves to nurture and care for. These many selves are various aspects of the one Soul, so there exists a direct connection between each self within that group Soul. When people use the term soulmate, they are referring to two individuals that are under the wing of the same Sou. Soulmates are like close family members but connect personality wise in ways that you do not comprehend (see also logs990426.htm for more on soulmates). The Soul itself is the caring, nurturing force that directly shapes and molds these various soulmates. Your Soul helps you to become that higher-self you ascribe to be. Your Soul is the force you should reach to when seeking any guidance or aid related to your present growth. Your Soul cares for you as a mother but does that caring in a way that a teacher cares for her students.

The last step in the chain brings us to the Monad (also known as and referred to at times as the Entity ^captial E). The Monad contains many Souls. The Monad is a direct aspect of the force you know of as God. Your Monad supplies you with the life-force, love, and attention that you need to maintain your existence. Your Monad is ultimately responsible for your evolution, within the body of God. Your Monad watches and makes sure that all other aspects of your being work in harmony toward that one goal. Your Monad is you EONS from now, when you have evolved past being human, past being eternal, past being omnipotent. Your Monad is one shade away from God and is one aspect of God that makes you, your spirit, your higher-self, and your Soul uniquely you. Your Monad's relationship with you is one of deep love and devotion. A love and devotion of the kind that can not be comprehended while being human. Your Monad's love is like a Father's love: that strong, protective, ever-forwardly moving force toward a journey's end.

Now, as distant as that Monad may sound, you can touch that force. This force will help you to understand events in your life that are eternal in nature. This force can supply you with all the energy and love that you may need at any given time. Many people have felt the force and love from their Monad, in those moments of desperation when all hope seemed gone and the end seemed near. This force is like a sweeping, all-powerful love that seems to come from within, but is bright and strong enough to break free of the body and encompass the energy that you are aware of that is you.

Now, as we have already stated, all these selves exist and are, both, part and separate from you. It's like looking at a past reincarnate self. That past self is separate from you yet is a part of what you once were. All these other selves share the same kind of relationship. They are you, perhaps, thousands to eons of years from now, stretching toward infinity. However, because all of these selves are an aspect of you, there exists a connection or thread between each of your selves. This tread is what enables knowledge to pass from a more evolved self to a less evolved self and what binds all the selves together. It is to your advantage to maintain the connection between the more anchoring aspects of yourself (like your higher-self, Soul, and Monad), so that you can take advantage of the wisdom and knowledge that exist there.

Now logically, you can only be aware of so many multidimensional selves at any one time. The number of selves that you can reach and be aware of is mostly determined by where you sit on the scale of evolution. For example, your Soul is aware of much more future versions of itself than you are aware of. The Soul is much more evolved and therefore much more capable of seeing farther into eternity; so it is with you. As you move up the evolutionary ladder, you will become aware of more aspects of yourself swirling within the sea of infinity. But be patient! Eternity is not going anywhere, and you have all the time in the world to reach for it. View your part of reality with wonder, excitement, and clarity and you will reach ever upwards and move closer to what you can become and then become it.

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