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Reality Creator Primer

introduction to how you create your world!

about RC Primer Primer introduces you to the idea that you create your world. It gives you techniques to alter and change your world. It is an easy way to test your reality creating abilities without having to go into deep insight into the process.

Reality Creator I

learn how you create your world from the physical side!

about RC1 RC1 teaches you the foundations of creating your own reality: the quarks, the details, and the tricks. RC1 approaches your reality from the physical side, which is a good place to start, as you are a physical person rooted in flesh.

Reality Creator II

learn how you create your world from the nonphysical side!

about RC2 Reality Creator II takes you into the next side of reality creating: the nonphysical side. It is on this nonphysical side where your creations begin to form. Learn to use Dreams, Meditation, and Out of Body travel to change your physical world. Get help from ascended masters and teachers.

Reality Creator III

become a master at reality creating!

about RC 1 Coming Soon! This product is in the works. I do not have a release date at this time.

Reality Creator Q&A

everything about the universe and more!

about RC Q&A v1 Q&A is a compilation of the best emails received. You will find questions ordered by topic in individual chapters to make it easy to quickly locate what you are looking for. It is perhaps the most varied source of Reality Creator topics in one place.

Reality Creator Radio Audio

reality creator radio exclusive shows

The best of my reality creator audio shows, covering reality creating, the tree of life, and more! MP3 audio files are playable on any audio player or computer.

Reality Creator Talismans

make changes, heal, grow

Hermes' healing/reality creating talismans can help you to create well-being and stability within your life. The energy encoded into the talisman helps to kickstart your healing/reality creating process. There are various kinds for various situations. Choose the one(s) best for you.

Alchemical Mixes

personal well being.

The water in each mix has been programmed to help bring about therapeutic changes in the body. The solution contains no ingredients except reverse osmosis water. The magic is contained within the liquid and is dispersed in the body through the process of alchemy.