Reality Creator Q&A Volume 1 (eBook)
By Tom DeLiso (aka Hermes)

over 90000 words, about 193 pages, illustrated.

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over 90000 words, about 193 pages, illustrated.


Q&A Volume 1 is the first of three question and answer books. It is a compilation containing five years of the best emails received. You will find the questions ordered by topic in individual chapters to make it easy to quickly locate what you are looking for. It is perhaps the most varied source of Reality Creator topics in one place.

Synopsis: Q&Av1 subject matter encompasses Reality Creator I, II, III, and beyond. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge packed into these pages. I doubt you will find any other resource like it anyplace else. Q&Av1 is intended as a companion piece to the Reality Creator Series books, but does fine on its own as an information source. This book is for the novice or the experienced. It covers many topics in greater detail than the Reality Creator Series books do. Q&Av1 is in itself a learning tool. The topics are structured so that the simple matter comes first and the material that depends on other material comes later. This ensures that you fully understand everything in this book. It is an informal way of learning by using the questions other people had about various RC topics. Each topic gently guides you to the next in an ever increasing bank of knowledge. Some Questions the Q&A Answers

Chapter List: Reality Creating General & Group Reality Creating; Omens, Precognition, Intuition & Check-in Thoughts; Momentum; Probabilities; Simultaneous Time; Time & Space; Thinking Negatively and Negative Thoughts; Fear & Anxiety; Memory & the Mind; Creating Money; Creation of the Universe; THE CREATOR & the Spiritual Hierarchy; Ascended Masters & Angels; Ancient Civilizations; Humanity & Global Matters; Predictions & Channeling; The Physical Body; Physical Dependencies; Possession and Mental Illness; Energy & Energywork; Protection from Demons and Dark Energy; Child Birth; Cloning; Death; Reincarnation; Karma; Alchemy; Ascension; Hermeticism; Meditation; Dreams; Out of Body Travel; Tree of Life; Watchtower Aethyrs; Charka; Crystals; Healing; Telepathy & Clairvoyance; Love & Relationships; Sex & Sexual Energy; The Unexplained; Extra Terrestrials; Magick.