Reality Creator Radio Audio Albums
By Tom DeLiso (aka Hermes)

Featuring Hermes

Reality Creator Radio Audio Shows are the best of my Online Reality Creator Radio Shows fully mastered for great sound quality. MP3 audio files are playable on any audio player or computer. Just copy the files over to your library and sync your device and enjoy many minutes of uninterrupted Hermes commentary on various topics. RC-Radio Audio Albums are great companions to the Reality Creator series books. They augment existing material as well as add all new content. You won't want to miss having this precious media in your collection. Listen to it for inspiration, illumination, and a gentle push to progress onward. New RC Radio Albums may become available, so check back.

Revealing the Unknown mp3 (Digital Download)
(79 minutes) Hermes first Audio Album. Covers various topics: Ascended Masters, Breath & Consciousness, Sleep & Dreaming, Freewill and Probabilities, Ultimate Relationship, Harmony, Kundalini & Chakra, Spiritual Destiny, Karma. See Full Content
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Soul Journey mp3 (Digital Download)
(2-Album set, 136 minutes) Hermes second Audio Album. In this album Hermes covers each "Tree of Life" Sephira. He also covers the basics of nonphysical travel and reveals deep insights into the soul's journey with its transformation from the mundane into a divine being. Soul Journey contains 80% never before released material. See Full Content
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