Reality Creator Books Reader Comments

Below are some kind comments from people
who have read the Reality Creator books.


Dear Hermes, Thank you for such a wonderful book, and I have recommended your website to all of my faithful blog readers! I wanted to take the time to thank you, now that I am all moved in to the new place that I manifested, which is awesome! The country is just what I needed! All of my creative juices are flowing! lol. My life has changed so much for the better since I found your website! Changing my thoughts changed everything, I could actually 'feel' things happening inside of me and all around me! Six months changed my life. When we first got here to the new place, all the way across the state, my cat got lost and he was gone a week. A spirit guide came to me and said that he was fine and only a few places down the street. Within three days he was back home safe and sound. This has not happened to me ever before, so my frequency must be getting higher! Eva


Hi, I have just begun to read “Reality Creator I” and I must compliment you on it’s content. I am finding it all so fascinating. But also it is backing up what I have felt/sensed all my life, but never put it into the words and concepts that you have. It all makes sense and I thank you for publishing such a piece. Great work. Bringing much peace to my life already. Mary-Elizabeth


Hi Tom, just wanted to compliment you on your Great Work. I recently purchased "RC1" and I'm only getting started, but it's wonderful!!! Thank you! Lyn


Hi! Thank you very much for writing these very helpful books. I am the type who normally would have thought meditating with crystals was sort of corny and fake. (Hope you aren't offended!) For some reason your website has caught my attention and I felt I wanted to try it. I got some crystals last week and I tried the meditation described on your website for the first time this morning, and I felt my 3rd eye "light up" with a purplish light. It was weird, like a movie screen. No images yet though. It surprised me, I wasn't expecting that. So, I'm very interested to see the rest of the RC2 book! Anyway, thanks! Peace, KM


Dear 'Hermes' Thank you for putting together such wonderful and important information in these two books (RC1 & RC2). Even though they may be considered 'pricey' by some I consider them a bargain considering the quality of information and the research and work that has gone into the project to bring it all together and put it in print. You will never be paid in money for what these books are truly worth but you will receive ample compensation in other ways, I am sure. Sincerely, Eric.


Hey Hermes!! I won that money I needed for the new apartment! I'm not joking!! Let me repeat that. I am NOT JOKING!! LOL!! HAHA!! This really happened!! I went to the grocery store and bought a $2 scratch lottery ticket! I'm really getting good at this RC stuff! It's not hard at all. With my energy levels as high as they are lately, everything I touch turns to gold! I walk down the street and people I don't even know just smile back! Wow! I've never ever felt like this before! Life is totally effortless, Mike


I have your book RC II and regularly give myself a recharge from its multilayered info banks, always finding new gems. Thank you, A BIG thank you, Martin


I love you. You have taken some of the secrets that were too esoteric for transmission and created a very easy to access collection of information. I'm amazed at what you've put together and the choice of words you have used. Most of the time when I'm reading, I feel like I already knew this information and that you're just lifting the veil that kept me from remembering it. Steve


Hi Hermes!, I rec'd my order friday, thank you so very much! I really love the CD and have listened to it several times. I am knee deep into the books, and can't put them down. Please let me know when you put out any new stuff, as I will have to order it. Thank you so much, Ellen


When will "Reality Creator 3" be available for purchase? I love "Reality Creator I" and "Reality Craetor II" and have recommended it to people I work with. Some have asked me when the next one will be available and, I as well, am looking forward to reading it. Thank you for his wonderful comprehensive information! I have been walking this path for 30 years and read thousands of books yet your books are by far the best I have read to date to give people powerful tools to assist on the path to ascension!!! Sincerely, Michaelle

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