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Malkuth is the first sphere upon which an initiate enters the Tree of Life. It is in this realm that you learn of the existence of other things, other than the earth, and touch upon divine sources. Sandalphon is the name of the Archangel that presides over this sphere and without his permission, you will not be allowed to leave Malkuth and enter into the other spheres of the Tree of Life. Newcomers to the Tree of Life will spend some time exploring in this sphere, some of that time on his or her own. Eventually, when Sandalphon feels the time is right and you have proved to him that you are ready and worthy and pure of heart enough to enter into the other realms, he will come up to you and present you some kind of key. This key is a symbol that you can travel to the other spheres.

Malkuth would not be the place it is without speaking a bit about the archangel Sandalphon. First, Sandalphon has several forms that he uses, so he may not be apparent. In his traditional male form, Sandalphon will appear as a wizard who walks among a beautiful garden and cares for it, with magic and wonder. In his traditional female form, he will look like a beautiful ice princess or crystal princess. This princess form he tends to use for children. In his John the Baptist form, Sandalphon wears sandals and shorts or even bear skins. Sometimes Sandalphon will look like a mighty being of light or of a Pope or a some kind of high priest. This is his Elijah form. His Elijah form is the most close that you will come to see him in his divine form. He carries a staff in this form to, and that staff is a symbol of his power and wisdom.

In whatever form Sandalphon uses, he is a very unique being. He usually says very little but the little he says can convey a wealth of meaning and understanding. A single glance is usually enough to keep you wondering for month. We have much to say about this Archangel in this sphere because most of your encounters in Malkuth will be connected with him. He is a master teacher, and he cares very much for your welfare. He will use Malkuth and all of its wonder to prepare you to embark on your journey into the rest of the Tree of Life and to meet with its wondrous beings and wisdom and adventure.

Now Malkuth is divided into 5 sections. Most of your adventures will begin in the center section. It is in this section that your forces are balanced and in perfect harmony with each other. In the other 4 sections, the energy is not balanced and this will cause you to create many wonderful adventures, and will reveal much about yourself to you. The other sections are as follows:

  • North -- Karmic forces
  • East -- Desire and emotional forces
  • South -- Silence and forces of inertia
  • West -- Limiting and restrictive forces

Where you are in Malkuth can tell you much about what is going on or what is going to happen. In the center, you usually are in a beautiful garden with green fields and lots of flowers. This is a place for rest and quiet contemplation and for experiencing what perfect balance and harmony of the self is like.

  • In the North you come face to face with your karma. However, this karma is presented to you in a most unique and wondrous way: in some kind of dramatic adventure. Sandalphon has a castle in the North, and often you will have to travel to this castle to retrieve some kind of tool. You may have to cross a mote or engage in some kind of struggle to get there. However reaching this castle or goal is a sign that you are able to balance out your human karma and is one of the signs needed to show to Sandalphon that you are ready for the rest of the Tree of Life.
  • In the East you will meet your hearts desires and learn of emotional matters that propel you into action. It is in this region that you will find the fairy community, the Christmas village with the dwarfs and elfs, and your fondest wishes coming true. Needless to say, this section of Malkuth can be very enjoyable.
  • In the South you are usually alone and this adds a flavor of stagnation to the nature of this place. The terrain here is often barren. It is here that you learn about your own worst enemy, yourself. Through the silence here, you come to know that your own thoughts are what keeps you from moving forward in many situations. Your own created fears is what often stops you, because here there is nothing but yourself. So, if you do meet something or someone here, they are a product of your own mind reacting to the pure untouched environment. Here is where you learn about the things you think about often, perhaps too often, because they will manifest here for you. But know that here in the South nothing is real but yourself.
  • In the West, you learn about your limits. The Caves and dark (dark as in your path not illuminated) regions are located here, and often you will find yourself rummaging around in them wondering what is going on. You will come across obstacles and challenges here to. These obstacles are usually not easily conquered because it is here you learn where you lack skill or are limited and can't go further until you can perfect yourself a bit more. So, while here, if at first you don't succeed, "try try again" is the phrase to keep in mind. There are no rewards for giving up. Only for recognition of the need to perfect yourself and then conquering that limitation and moving on.

Now there are also three other places that are technically a part of Malkuth. They actually are located midway up the tunnels (or paths) that lead away from Malkuth and into the rest of the Tree of Life, but often the initiate is sent on journeys to these places by Sandalphon to prove his/her worth; so we will mention them here.

  1. The first place is located in the North-East corner of Malkuth. And it is the "Towers of Dark and Light." A river or path passes through the center of these towers and often you will be sent into one of the towers to get something and bring it to the other tower. How successful you are in completing the task will carry great weight on your admittance to the rest of the Tree of Life.
  2. The second place is located in the North-West corner of Malkuth. It is a similar place in feel and appearance, to the Towers, and it usually is marked by two huge pillars of dark and light. This is the palace of judgment, and it is here that you often become judged worthy to travel the rest of the Tree. You may meet the god-figure Hermes here, as he often serves as a judge in these matters, passing his recommendation on to Sandalphon for your admittance.
  3. The third place is directly North in Malkuth, and it is the Crystal Palace. It is here that you get gifts of energy and of special skills that are dormant within you that just need to be awakened. Sandalphon (in one of his forms) will usually be here and he will guide you to where you need to be in the palace and to what you will receive.

Malkuth is a very big and dynamic sphere, more so than the other spheres of the Tree of Life. The rich diversity of the Earth Plane interpenetrates here and makes Malkuth a magical wonderland of things to do and see. This rich dynamic base coupled with your own human wants, desires, fears, and lacks makes your wanderings here in Malkuth an adventure and a half. Take you time with this sphere and enjoy it. There is a wealth of opportunity here that you should not miss for anything.

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