The Tenth Chakra

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When the tenth chakra starts to open up the individual will begin to manifest many of the skills they have learned in all of their previous lives. These individuals will seem to excel at anything they undertake and any project they are involved with will take off from their influence. It is not that they are just good at doing everything. Rather they are tapping into previous skills learned in past lives. The barriers between the past selves are breaking down and knowledge and wisdom begins to flow through time and space.

Typically this chakra is responsible for divine creativity, synchronicity of life, the merging of the masculine and feminine within. How do these emerging skills relate to these qualities? Well it is these emerging skills and the taping of previous lives that make all these elements come about. Divine creativity is the ability to create all facets of your life in perfect harmony. When this harmony starts to manifest the individual's life just clicks. It will seem as if this person is always in the right place at the right time. Divine energy is flowing out of the chakra and into the individual and bringing perfection into everything he or she does. And because taping into past lives does not discriminate between male or female lifetimes, the individual will begin to merge the masculine and feminine within themselves. This merging brings even more harmony into a person's life because they are not prone to either the masculine or feminine energy or the faults that each of those polarities tends to bring up. A gender balance exists within the person and the individual is free to tap into the best that each energy polarity has to offer.

These individuals will not seem overly masculine or feminine in nature; they will just be neutral in qualities, from an outside perspective that is. Of course it can take years for this kind of transformation to occur in an individual, when that person's tenth chakra starts to open up. They will not just wake up one day and be neutral. The individual has to let go of the previous polarity they were prone to leaning toward and begin to embrace the new neutral energies within them. Keep this in mind when working on a patient and you sense that the tenth chakra is starting to open. You may want to advise them that gentle changes in either their masculine or feminine side may begin to occur over the next several years and there is nothing to worry about, it is quite normal.

Also this masculine and feminine neutralizing has little to do with sexual predisposition. Nor should there be any change in the sexual alignment in that person's life. You are not going to be attracted to men if before you were attracted to women. However the individual may find it easier to relate to the other sex as the masculine and feminine merge within them.

So what sort of problems are you apt to find with this chakra? Well for one, many ninth chakra problems will show up when the tenth chakra starts to open. Remember! The odd number chakras contain the skills that are used in the following one. For this reason you most likely will not begin to do healings on the ninth chakra till the tenth starts to awaken. You see, it is when the individual tries to use these past life skills (contained in the ninth chakra) then these problems show. The filaments in the ninth chakra are not wired properly so when the individual tries to access a past life skill, they have great difficulty. At this point you would need to go in and do a healing on the ninth chakra and then the skill would develop normally in that person's life.

For example, let's say a person with an opening tenth chakra has a deep urge to take up painting. They try to develop this skill but it just comes very slowly and much frustration is there. Other aspects of this person's life are developing normally; it just seems that when they try to acquire this skill it is not as forthcoming as any other ones. Well in this case a ninth chakra problem exists and a healing there will be necessary. However if the person was able to grasp the skill quite easily but was unable to use that skill in harmony, then a tenth chakra problem exists.

It is the tenth chakra that is responsible for integrating the skill into the person's daily life. If that skill is there but this skill presents an integration problem in that person's life, creating disharmony in some way, then some aspect of the tenth chakra is not functioning properly. Most likely there are energy blocks in this chakra and so the synchronicity of life is not fully developed. Fear is the thing that can block a tenth chakra. Some remaining fear associated with that skill from that past life still remains in the energy field. You may have to do a past life healing to remove the last of this fear and bring the tenth chakra to full functioning. If you have good inner sight these blocks may show up as small disturbances that seem to float over the spinning chakra. These energy disturbances cause the energy to slow down the swirling outward effect that this chakra has on the entire being.

The tenth chakra can be seen like a tornado of light filling the individual with perfect divine energy. A fully functional tenth chakra will have a rainbow like effect coming from its swirling mass of energy. If any blockages are present these disturbances of blocked energy will cause the rainbow effect to be broken up. Then individual is not fully bathed in the integration energies of the tenth chakra.

The tenth chakra is most like the heart charka in the lower chakra system. The heart chakra takes all the energy from the other chakras and processes it so that it can be used physically. The tenth chakra takes all the energy from all the other spiritual chakra and transforms it so the individual can use the energies from the spiritual chakras in harmony with one's life. For this reason, any kind of spiritual disharmony that may exist in a spiritually awakened individual can most likely be caused by blockages in the tenth chakra. For example, the inability to integrate the masculine and feminine currents, unable to use an advanced spiritual skill properly, fear of acquiring some skill that is currently needed, unable to get along with others or accept others especially those that are spiritually awakened, feeling threatened by certain advanced nonphysical skills like out of body travel.

Please note that even though I have not talked about advanced spiritual skill development (which is covered in the eleventh chakra) it is the tenth chakra's job to integrate those skills into the individual in a harmonious manner. So any advanced spiritual skills that are developed that the person can tap but that person may have some fear or inability to apply this skill, would fall into a tenth chakra problem.

Healing the tenth chakra involves removing the blockages that may be here and lifting any fear that may reside there as well. Light is especially useful with this chakra. Hold a very intense blue light in your mind as you work on this chakra. This light will sooth and remove all the rough spots and have a calming effect on the individual. A good mantra to use with this chakra is ZOD-EE-PEE-DEE. This mantra helps unlock the balancing effect of the masculine and feminine.

The tenth chakra is located eight to ten feet on top of the crown chakra, so you can't really access this chakra like a normal chakra. Position yourself over the heart chakra and imagine your nonphysical hands extending through this chakra and up to the tenth chakra. Then send the healing energy into this chakra while holding on to the inner vision of the energy going through the heart chakra to the tenth chakra. Energy follows intent, and the heart chakra is a close cousin to the tenth chakra, so it makes an easy place to access this energy center.

If you use crystals in your healing work, dousing a heart chakra with the intent of dousing the tenth chakra may not work. You may just douse the heart chakra. You will have to construct a crystal transformer to energy-up to the tenth chakra. Take three to six small crystals and place in a circle around the heart chakra. Then take your dousing crystal on the string and hover it over the center of the crystal circle. With this method your patient may think you have gone clear out of your mind, but it should allow you to read and work on the tenth chakra using a dousing crystal.

Keep in mind that the tenth chakra is the heart chakra of the spiritual chakra system. If you have faults or blocked up energy here, the entire spiritual chakra will suffer. So if you see lots of small energy problems with the eighth, ninth, eleventh and the twelfth chakra suspect an energy conversion problem with the tenth chakra. Use the blue light or perhaps some crystals (working through the heart chakra) to heal and balance this chakra. Also it would be a good idea to see this patient again six weeks later to see if any other healing work needs to be done in this chakra. The tenth chakra has layers to it. You heal one and the next one will come up several weeks later for healing. Once all the layers are healed you will most likely not need to see the patient for a long time.

Well that finishes up the tenth chakra.

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